Behind the Scenes

After a healthy dose of team building where we carefully constructed some furniture, and a few cups of tea, we set to work. Being in the malt whisky capital of the world, there must be a magic in the air because the tea soon turned to spirit – gin, precisely. Yes, only eight days in and the Country Meets Creative office is exactly as we had planned it.

Our first assignment? Avva Scottish Gin. And yes, before you ask, we do love our jobs!

Avva Scottish Gin is everything a small batch gin should be – handmade, with heart. Gin Master Jill Brown, the brain behind award-winning fruit infused spirits company Berry Good, launched the brand just last year on the 14th October 2016. Although young in years, Avva has a story to tell. And we can’t wait to help share it.

The name Avva, taken from the Indian language of Dravidian, meaning Grandmother, nods to the distillery still, Jessie-Jean (or J-J for short). J-J is named after Jill’s grandmothers who like a typical ‘Avva’ command respect through their years of experience. J-J has also made the history books being the first gin still to be crafted in Scotland and used for the small batch gin industry – a UK first.

Everything about Avva is special. Jill not only distills the spirit but forages for its ingredients – 11 local, native and traditional botanicals, including 5 sourced from Speyside.Celebrating its home city, 11 botanicals were chosen to represent the 11 windows of Elgin Cathedral.

So, just like a good G&T, Avva is a story in three parts: family, history and provenance.

Lindsay and I are so looking forward to helping the saga unfold.



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