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Do you need to plan a photo shoot for your business and not sure where to start? In today’s visual world imagery for your brand and products is everything, so whether you choose to hire a professional photographer or get creative yourself, here are some top tips to get you started.

1. Know your audience and what would interest them

Style your product shots with your ideal client in mind.  The rural lifestyle brands that I work with all have a similar target audience, they love outdoor stylised shots that place the product in a real life setting, bringing the product to life.  Your images are an invitation to your customers to experience the product and brand.  The right images should tell a story and create an image in the clients mind.

2. Don’t be afraid to accessorise

Props and additional details will bring an image to life, painting a picture in the customers mind.  Reach out to other brands that work well with your products and see if they would like to be involved in your shoot, or create a prop box that you can use time and time again in styling your images.

3. It’s all in the detail

I don’t know about you, but I live for all the fab details in products. Whether it the gorgeous rose gold embossed packaging to the gorgeous silk lining on a tweed jacket or the specific ingredients in a menu item.  I want to see all the little details behind a product and brand.  These details are often what sets you apart from your competitors so don’t forget to showcase them.

4. People buy people

Don’t forget to get in front of the camera yourself! Whilst this might be the one thing you try desperately to avoid, your customers not only buy into your product but also into you as the brand.  They will love to get a glimpse behind the scenes in your business and a chance to find out more about the faces behind the brand!

5.  Consider how you will use your images

I always ask my clients to think about how they plan to use the images after their photo shoot. Think this through carefully as an image you can use for a website banner will be completely different to one you want to use for social media in terms of negative space and crops.  If you know how you want to use your images in advance you can make sure you get those images right in camera at the shoot which makes life so much easier when it comes to you using the images in your marketing.

How can I find out more?

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