Behind the Scenes, Our Country Life

To begin, a quote from Franz Kafka:

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Those raised on a diet of mud-pies (always expertly garnished with clover, of course) and fresh country air, are blessed with the chance to learn to marvel in nature’s nuances. For us, it’s all in the details. The shades of blue in the tree bark and the droplets of fresh morning dew which hang on to blades of grass. Our mid-20s may be gone, but inside we’re inquisitive country-girls of 10. And we love that. We’re Peter Pans.

On our recent road trip to Royal Deeside (I wish we could say we flew), we made a first stop the stunning Glen Tanar Estate. Well, truth be told, it was our second stop. We had to double back once we realised we had passed the turn off – a testament to how beautiful Royal Deeside is at this time of year and our how excited we get with new ideas.

Glen Tanar has everything: luxury accommodation, wildlife safaris, fishing, stalking, walking and cycling routes. But that’s all big picture stuff. And we’ll tell you about that later. And so, being Peter Pans, we decided to capture Glen Tanar from a different perspective. The perspective of our inner country-girl of 10.

And on a walk to the breathtaking loch, here’s what we saw:


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