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Meet Mhairi, the Mum who shoots and the woman behind Aberdeenshire’s Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags.


Mhairi, say hello to our Country Meets Creative readers! Can you tell them a little bit about yourself, your background and Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags?

I am a working Mum of three who enjoys life at a million miles per hour, always trying to fit one more thing in. I’m definitely a morning person and can often be found at my desk at 5.00 am but don’t expect me to make much sense after 9.00 pm. My background is event management, marketing, sponsorship, press and PR, branding and corporate hospitality. I have been very lucky and have worked on some great fun events: European Mogul Skiing Challenge, British Beach Volley Ball Championships, World Legend Tennis Championships, and travelled extensively with my career.  

When my youngest daughter started school I wondered how I could get my event management fix and still be there for my family. I then started Jomm Events and a few months later, I orgainsed the first ladies clay shoot at Raemoir House. With three weeks to go, the event was sold out with 30 lady guns. It was then that I saw the opportunity to really make Glad Rags and Cartridge Bags something really special and unique. Unlike other shooting clubs it does not hold its events at already established shooting grounds, instead it is like a roving syndicate holding its events at different, stunning exclusive venues.

The club’s aim is to encourage more ladies into what is a predominantly male dominated sport in a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Safety is always paramount and we learn to shoot properly. Our instructors are experienced, unflappable and have a great sense of humor.  

Guests are matched with others of similar experience and given an instructor and targets to suit them. Many ladies have never held a gun before. For the more experienced ladies, the targets will of course be more challenging. 

When did you slay your first clay?

About 4 years ago at a friends farm. I instantly understood the adrenalin rush and satisfaction you get when blasting your first clay. It is you against the clay, and it is such a buzz seeing the pieces fall to the ground.

Best shoot to date?

Every Glad Rags shoot is special and unique in its own way, regardless of the venue or who attends, the atmosphere is the same – fun, relaxed, and supportive with cheers and laughter echoing throughout the day.

Why should more girls shoot?

It’s fantastic fun and anyone can do it regardless of age, height, size – you don’t have to be sporty or be a gym bunny! The feeling of hitting your first clay is unforgettable but be warned it can become quite addictive!

Clay, simulated or driven?

Simulated clay day for me, please – all the fun without the feathers. Out all day on the hills with guaranteed “birds” at every drive. Our last simulated day was in September at Kargarrie Estate. It was one big adrenilin rush and laugh out loud laughter the whole day. The best thing about Glad Rags and Cartridge Bags are the ladies themselves. It’s a real privilege to be in their company.

If not in a field shooting, where would we find you?

With 3 sporty children, I can often be found on the side lines of various sporting events. As I write this I am at the Scottish Schools Indoor Rowing Championships. Life is a blur of trampolining, gymnastics, rugby, skiing and running. For me I love to swim, always with my waterproof iPod shuffle glued to my ears or stomping up hills with our foxy red lab Rosie.

If you had to sum up Gladrags & Cartridge Bags in three words, what would they be?


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IMAGE CREDIT: Lindsay Robertson Photography, Glad Rags & Cartridge Bags Driven Pheasant Shoot at Crathes Estate.


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